Bitcoin Orange Pill Theory Reality

Escaping the monetary Matrix requires choice. Luckily, game theory has provided the masses with two pills for intellectual consumption that are very complex. You are taking the orange pill, which represents Bitcoin, freedom and monetary sovereignty or the blue pill, which means fiat money, debt and blissful ignorance. Physically, there is no pill to take, only knowledge about Bitcoin and freedom gained. Do you remember the years before Bitcoin? Being helpless, saving your money for a home or car then, boom, the value of your dollar is lowered and the home you saved for is now three times more expensive. Bitcoin is about freedom from just that. If you think it’s about how much the price will increase for a single coin in fiat dollars, there is a lot about this technology you do not know. Those who believe they have overdosed on the orange pill get called Bitcoin maximalists. Still, maximalists can be toxic to some people not ready for the intensity of belief that stirs up in their veins of evangelism. So, what is the best approach to taking the orange pill if you are new or curious about Bitcoin? Let’s dig deeper…

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