Stablecoin Adoption Will Mark The Success of the Crypto Industry

What is the best thing the cryptocurrency ecosystem could do to ensure its global success? Boost the dominance of stablecoins. Anyone who disagrees is free...

The Roads To Hyperbitcoinization – Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides

IntroductionThe widespread adoption of bitcoin is a topic that has raised immense expectations for change to monetary systems, governments, and society in general. Over...

Bitcoin ETF May Feel Good to BTC Enthusiasts, but Adoption May Not Advance In-Kind – Bitcoin News

While cheered emphatically by the crypto community, the bitcoin ETF’s simplicity hides many drawbacks, especially for long-term investors unfamiliar with the inner workings of...

Real Estate Platform Pacaso Accepts Crypto Assets for Payments, CEO Says ‘Mass Crypto Adoption Well Underway’ – Bitcoin News

On October 20, the day bitcoin smashed a new all-time price high, the real estate platform Pacaso announced it will be accepting cryptocurrencies via...

JMP Securities Sees Crypto Entering the Mainstream, Says Adoption Has Hit Escape Velocity – Featured Bitcoin News

Investment banking and asset management firm JMP Securities says that “The crypto economy is entering the mainstream,” emphasizing that crypto “adoption and early use...

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