U.S. Becomes World’s Biggest Bitcoin Miner, Beating China

The United States is now the epicenter for Bitcoin Mining, accounting for 35.4% of the global hash rate at the end of July 2021,...

GNO City Play-to-Earn Game Created the Biggest and Most Diverse WAX Blockchain Game – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored GNO City features an already playable trading card game on the WAX blockchain. In GNO City you can collect NFTs, win experience points, level...

Exploring the Biggest DeFi Opportunities on Solana

Key Takeaways Solana's DeFi ecosystem is growing rapidly. Several high-quality projects are vying to become the network's blue chips. By using these protocols early, users can get...

One of the Biggest 2014 Bitcoin Frauds (Trendon Shavers)

In 2014 we covered one of the largest crypto frauds up to date. Read our article to learn more about bitcoin frauds history:...

Biggest Bank in Venezuela Suffers 5 Day Outage After Hack Attempt – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News

The Bank of Venezuela, one of the biggest state banks in the country, is now experiencing an outage that has left its customers without...

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