Reconciliation Bill Bitcoin Adoption U.S.

There’s a strong reason behind the recent wave of bitcoin adoption among the world’s least stable and poorest countries. Bitcoin disproportionately benefits the underbanked...

Billionaire Investor Bill Miller: Bitcoin “Less Risky” at $43,000 Than $300

Bill Miller, the billionaire investor and Miller Value Partners CFA, continued to tout Bitcoin in a new conversation with author William Green, profiled today...

US Senators Introduce Bill Requiring Treasury to Report on Cryptocurrencies and Their Use Globally – Regulation Bitcoin News

Two U.S. senators have introduced a bipartisan bill aimed at improving the oversight of cryptocurrency. The bill requires the Treasury Secretary to submit a...

US House of Representatives to Vote on Infrastructure Bill this Week

The controversial infrastructure bill that was highly debated by the crypto community will go to the US House of Representatives this week. The...

U.S. Congress to Vote on Controversial Infrastructure Bill This Week

The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill will be put to the vote on Sept. 30, and the House Speaker is confident it will pass. In...

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