Fed’s Powell Scrutinized for Owning Bonds of the Same Type the Central Bank Bought During Pandemic – News Bitcoin News

As a number of Federal Reserve presidents have been criticized for their 2020 stock moves, Fed chairman Jerome Powell has been cast into the...

Nigerian Central Bank Threats Force Parallel Exchange Rate Tracker to Suspend Service – Economics Bitcoin News

Following threats from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the management of Abokifx, a website that tracks the Nigerian currency’s black market exchange rates,...

Central Bank of Turkey Expands Research, Prepares to Test Digital Lira on New Platform – Bitcoin News

The Turkish central bank has established a new platform together with technology stakeholders to further the development of a digitalized version of the national...

Canada’s ‘Mad Max’ Supports Bitcoin — Says ‘I Hate How Central Banks Are Destroying Our Money and Economy’ – Featured Bitcoin News

Maxime Bernier, a former cabinet minister nicknamed “Mad Max” and the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), says he supports bitcoin and...

Bitcoin Will Not Become Legal Tender in Uzbekistan, Central Bank Official Insists – Regulation Bitcoin News

Cryptocurrency cannot be adopted as a means of payment in Uzbekistan, a high-ranking official from the country’s central bank has recently stated. Speaking to...

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