How Lightning Network Scales Bitcoin Payment

Watch this guide on YouTube.We’re going to go over the Lightning Network: how it works, how it makes Bitcoin scalable and how it fits...

Daily Settlement Volumes on Bitcoin Network reach Record High

The settlement volumes on the Bitcoin network have been on the rise, and the metric recently reached an all-time high. On October...

Wormhole Adds Binance Smart Chain Support to Network Bridge – Technology Bitcoin News

During the first week of September, the Wormhole Network’s ethereum ↔ solana bridge was introduced to the Solana community and the following week, developers...

What is Kusama? Polkadot’s Canary Network Explained

Polkadot has undoubtedly become one of the more popular projects in the cryptocurrency field.  However, one of the most innovative aspects of its ecosystem...

Crypto Ad Network Making Advertising Easier

Advertising is an integral part of every single industry. No business is bigger than its brand and being able to effectively and efficiently place...

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