Ten Myths About Bitcoin In El Salvador

El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender received a tremendous amount of international media attention. This attention has been a welcomed change from...

El Salvador Buys More Bitcoin — Country Now Holds 700 BTC – Featured Bitcoin News

El Salvador, the country that made bitcoin legal tender alongside the U.S. dollar, has purchased more bitcoin. The Salvadoran government now holds 700 coins,...

El Salvador Now Owns 700 Bitcoin as President Bukele Buys Price Dip

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele confirmed via Twitter Monday that the Latin American nation has bought the “Bitcoin price dip,” exchanging dollars for Bitcoin...

El Salvador Regulator to Investigate Government BTC Purchases

The El Salvador Court of Accounts, the body that has oversight over the use of public resources, has stated that it is conducting...

The Polarity Of Bitcoin In El Salvador

I. As Fast As LightningI was standing in a small coffee shop just off of an unpaved street, in a Central American village with...

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